• Development of company portals on ASP.NET platform
  • Connecting portals to already existing internal systems
  • E-shop implementation
  • Layout and realization of complex solutions
  • CMS implementation
  • RIA implementation – Silverlight 1.1 – 5.0
  • Adjustment and customization of SharePoint environment based on customer’s needs

Lately, the number of applications has grown targeted to end users and mobile users. The applications are developed with the intention to be accessible online. Internet and web are our daily source of information and almost every company presents its products and services via their own home page. Businesses use their corporate websites for internal and external communication as well as for data management.

Contrary to the past the internet content is increasingly presented in multimedia format. As a result many software development companies have created new technologies and standards to enrich the web content. One of these standards is RIA Standard (Rich Internet Applications) by Microsoft. It enables development of interactive content with stronger multimedia support.